Win this Orange crush 20rtWin this Orange crush 20rtWin this Orange crush 20rtWin this Orange crush 20rtWin this Orange crush 20rt
Win this Orange crush 20rt
Win this Orange crush 20rt
Win this Orange crush 20rt
Win this Orange crush 20rt
Win this Orange crush 20rt
Win this Orange crush 20rt

Win this Orange Crush 20RT 20W 1×8 Combo Amplifier


Win this Orange Crush 20RT 20W 1×8 Combo Amplifier

Just £3.00 per Entry

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  • Marshall
  • Mitchel
  • Michael
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Lottery ends: 12/04/2021 00:00
Timezone: Europe/London

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This lottery is limited to 300 tickets

Tickets sold: 101

This lottery will have 3 winners

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Win this Orange Crush 20RT 20W 1×8 Combo Amplifier

Win this Orange Crush 20RT 20W 1×8 Combo Amplifier

300 Entries Available 


1st Place – Orange Crush 20RT 20W 1×8 Combo Amplifier

2nd Place – Orange Crush 20RT 20W 1×8 Combo Amplifier

3rd Place – Orange Crush 20RT 20W 1×8 Combo Amplifier

The Orange Crush 20RT is Orange’s ultimate practice amp. It has a built-in tuner and internal reverb and the Crush 20RT couldn’t be more usable.

It’s punchy and dynamic tone comes in part thanks to its custom Orange-designed Voice of the World 8″ speaker. This, combined with all-analogue circuitry means that all of the components are at the highest possible quality. The perfect practice amplifier for the discerning guitarist. The unique Cab-Sim feature means you get great sound plugging in headphones or running the amp into an audio interface to record too.

  • New high gain preamp design (Crush 20/20RT/35RT)
  • Footswitchable channels (Crush 20/20RT/35RT)
  • Analogue signal path
  • New custom Voice of the World speakers
  • CabSim-loaded headphone/line output

Analog amplifier circuitry ensures Crush amps possess the lively feel and responsiveness that Orange is famous for, inspiring guitarists to play their instruments, not the technology. The Crush 20’s highly effective 3 band EQ section allows for huge control over your sound, from bold vintage colours to scooped modern tones.

Twin Channel, High Gain Preamp Design

Experience levels of detailed saturation and versatility never before heard in a practice amplifier. Building on the huge success of Orange’s Crush Pro series, this high gain preamp design puts a truly inspiring range of complex tones in your hands. High quality, low noise components provide four stages of gain with exceptional richness and clarity, delivering everything from blissful cleans, to classic Bluesy Orange crunch all the way through to full-bodied, ultra high gain Metal distortion. Clean and Dirty channels can be switched on the amp’s top panel or remotely using the optional footswitch.

Cabinet Simulation

The headphone/line output includes Orange’s new CabSim feature, faithfully emulating the sound of a mic’d Orange 4×12″ cabinet loaded with their flagship Voice of the World speakers. Use headphones for silent practice or connect to a mixer/recording console to capture huge, authentic Orange tones in the studio.

Reverb and Integrated Chromatic Tuner

Based on a classic ‘spring’ type, the reverb in the Crush ‘RT models is an all-new digital module which adds a warm 3D spaciousness to your sound. Ranging from a subtle shimmer to lengthy ethereal trails the circuit features an analogue ‘dry through’, ensuring your guitar’s tone maintains its integrity as the reverb is blended in. The integrated chromatic tuner is accurate and fast-tracking for quick tune-ups between jams.

Voice of the World Speaker

Orange custom designed speakers deliver the perfect balance between modern low end punch and vintage highs, maintaining clarity even when pushed.

Classic Orange Styling

Finished in Orange’s legendary livery dating back to 1968, the Crush range features basket weave vinyl, woven speaker grille cloth, signature ‘picture frame’ edging and iconic hieroglyphs on the control panel.

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How we calculate our entry fee and costs.

We started this endeavour as a means to feed our passion for vintage and rare guitars.  Our aim is to source quality instruments and get them into the hands of people who can enjoy them. We spend a lot of time and effort searching for guitars and a lot of money on marketing. Marketing expenses are high because we want our competitions to sell out as fast as possible so a winner can be drawn quickly.

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Lottery History

Date User Ticket number
09/08/2020 18:52Joseph Creamer275
09/08/2020 18:52Joseph Creamer202
09/08/2020 18:52Joseph Creamer66
09/08/2020 18:52Joseph Creamer55
09/08/2020 18:52Joseph Creamer41
08/08/2020 22:21Alistair Clarkson171
08/08/2020 22:21Alistair Clarkson282
08/08/2020 14:43Jonathan Stuart17
08/08/2020 14:43Jonathan Stuart62
08/08/2020 14:43Jonathan Stuart45
08/08/2020 14:43Jonathan Stuart57
08/08/2020 14:43Jonathan Stuart145
08/08/2020 14:43Jonathan Stuart300
08/08/2020 10:34Tony Macinnes177
08/08/2020 10:34Tony Macinnes119
07/08/2020 23:01Robin Hansford235
07/08/2020 23:01Robin Hansford209
07/08/2020 17:47Ryan Singleton127
07/08/2020 17:47Ryan Singleton156
07/08/2020 17:47Ryan Singleton141
07/08/2020 17:47Ryan Singleton254
06/08/2020 16:47bstaxx221
06/08/2020 14:39Bradley Kelly290
06/08/2020 14:39Bradley Kelly186
06/08/2020 14:39Bradley Kelly61
04/08/2020 18:19Shrekmyster99
04/08/2020 18:19Shrekmyster197
04/08/2020 09:34Jackrenshaw247
04/08/2020 09:34Jackrenshaw59
04/08/2020 09:34Jackrenshaw58
03/08/2020 15:05Kaiden Robinson8
03/08/2020 12:17Selby Murphy265
02/08/2020 22:13Mike Cunningham80
02/08/2020 22:13Mike Cunningham101
02/08/2020 22:13Mike Cunningham135
02/08/2020 18:16Ryan Singleton248
02/08/2020 18:16Ryan Singleton174
02/08/2020 18:16Ryan Singleton148
02/08/2020 18:16Ryan Singleton117
02/08/2020 15:52Joseph Creamer18
02/08/2020 15:52Joseph Creamer96
02/08/2020 15:52Joseph Creamer121
02/08/2020 15:52Joseph Creamer236
02/08/2020 15:52Joseph Creamer262
01/08/2020 21:03Alex Bone225
01/08/2020 20:55Eric242
01/08/2020 19:56Kaiden Robinson74
01/08/2020 12:54Daniel Snowball71
01/08/2020 10:59Kyle Love166
31/07/2020 06:06Rian Conway82
30/07/2020 23:48Mark Taylor269
30/07/2020 20:00Craig Thomas Waugh76
30/07/2020 17:54Shaun Key259
30/07/2020 16:17Shrekmyster21
30/07/2020 16:17Shrekmyster289
30/07/2020 16:17Shrekmyster296
30/07/2020 16:17Ruaridh Gibbons73
30/07/2020 15:41Daniel Zavjalov240
30/07/2020 12:57Robert Powell222
30/07/2020 12:57Robert Powell212
30/07/2020 12:57Robert Powell180
30/07/2020 06:46Mike Hampson153
30/07/2020 06:46Mike Hampson184
29/07/2020 19:23Chris12179
29/07/2020 18:45Nigel Hooper195
29/07/2020 18:44Willh4rdy106
29/07/2020 17:29Stuart Goldup2
29/07/2020 17:29Stuart Goldup31
29/07/2020 17:29Stuart Goldup105
29/07/2020 17:29Stuart Goldup111
29/07/2020 17:29Stuart Goldup228
28/07/2020 22:40Stacey Simons268
28/07/2020 21:47Gary Brook297
28/07/2020 16:14itzallan70173
28/07/2020 16:14itzallan70199
28/07/2020 16:14itzallan70234
28/07/2020 15:08Richard Mason250
28/07/2020 09:07Kingy1984190
28/07/2020 09:07Kingy1984160
28/07/2020 09:07Kingy198415
27/07/2020 20:38Callum Cowie86
27/07/2020 19:57Williams Pauli25
27/07/2020 19:13Ryan Singleton279
27/07/2020 19:13Ryan Singleton185
27/07/2020 19:13Ryan Singleton165
27/07/2020 19:13Ryan Singleton114
27/07/2020 18:01Amir-071095
27/07/2020 18:01Amir-0710217
27/07/2020 11:33Ethan Horden-Gray232
27/07/2020 10:00Andrew Parsonage35
26/07/2020 22:54Jer11010
26/07/2020 22:54Jer110139
26/07/2020 22:54Jer110219
26/07/2020 22:34Erik_The_Great9
26/07/2020 21:23Nigel Hooper36
26/07/2020 17:07Zoe Spellman4
26/07/2020 16:36Steve Plummer239
26/07/2020 16:20Lottery started


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