Win these Behringer HPS3000 studio headphoneswin this subzero-snowstorm-distortion-pedalWin this Fender American Professional Tele Maple Neck in Candy Apple RedWin this Fender American Professional Tele Maple Neck in Candy Apple Red
Win this Fender American Professional Tele Maple Neck in Candy Apple Red
Win these Behringer HPS3000 studio headphones
win this subzero-snowstorm-distortion-pedal
Win this Fender American Professional Tele Maple Neck in Candy Apple Red
Win this Fender American Professional Tele Maple Neck in Candy Apple Red

Win this Fender American Professional Tele Maple Neck in Candy Apple Red


Please be patient. We are picking winners!

300 Entries Available | Maximum Of 20 Entries Per Person


1st Place – Fender American Professional Telecaster

2nd Place – Subzero Snowstorm distortion pedal

3rd Place –Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones

Win this fender American tele deluxe

The Fender Professional Tele is one of those guitars that needs no introduction. It’s got the classic look and that twangy sound that can be heard on countless records since the 50s! With V-Mod pickups, a fantastic fret design that makes bending a breeze and a comfortable tapered neck for even better playing comfort.

The Maple fretboard also gives you a bit more attack and biteand depth of tone than Rosewood would. This is a Tele on steroids!


The American Professional range has replaced the American Standards. Made in America with high-end hardware and each one comes with an official Fender hardshell case.


The V-mod pickups have each been voiced for their position in the guitar rather than the same pickup put into each position as they were before. The new V-Mod pickups are a combination of Alnico so that you can optimise the volume (and tone) of each string in each position.
Each pickup is made up of a blend of Alnico magnet types (Such as Alnico V or Alnico II).

The American professional models also have the Treble Bleed Circuit which keeps the trebles pronounced, even when turning the volume down.

Neck Shape

The neck shape is the new Deep C profile which is a tapered neck. This means it’s thinner at the headstock end where you play chords and may want to get your thumb over the top to fret the E-String. The neck flattens out the higher up you go to make faster playing a bit easier and a bit more fluid.


The Narrow-Tall frets make bending a little bit easier as they don’t provide as much friction or resistance as vintage frets do. And because they’re slightly narrower, it gives the actually fret spacing a little more room. It’s an incremental change, but every little helps…

Here’s what Fender say about the Tele

Fender is guided by one clear, simple directive: make life better for musicians. While the original Telecaster certainly did that (and then some), we weren’t content to rest on our laurels. Our team of mad scientists examined every component in near-microscopic detail. If we were able to improve it with a new design or modern materials we did; if it didn’t need improvement, we left it alone. When the wood chips and solder fumes settled, what was left was the American Professional Telecaster—everything you need to play your best.

Developed by vintage pickup master Tim Shaw, the brand-new V-Mod single-coil pickups are voiced specifically for each position, mixing alnico magnet types to produce powerful, nuanced tones with original Fender sonic DNA. The newly redesigned Telecaster bridge sports three compensated brass barrel saddles for the perfect combination of vintage style with modern feel and performance.

Retain high end clarity when adjusting the volume controls, thanks to the new treble-bleed tone circuit that lets your tone shine through in all its glory. The new modern “Deep C”- shaped neck profile feels just right in your hand while the narrow-tall frets make it easy to bend strings accurately and play perfectly intonated chords.

The best of yesterday and today, the American Professional Telecaster is the latest form of electric inspiration from Fender. Step up and stake your claim to a legend.


  • Series: American Pro
  • Body Material: Ash
  • Body Finish: Gloss Polyurethane
  • Neck: Maple, Modern “Deep C”
  • Neck Finish:
  • Gloss Urethane Front, Satin Urethane Back (Maple), Satin Urethane
  • Finish on Back of Neck with Gloss Urethane Headstock Face
  • (Rosewood)
  • Fingerboard: Maple or Rosewood, 9.5” (241 mm)
  • Frets: 22, Narrow Tall
  • Position Inlays: Black Dot (Maple), White Dot (Rosewood)
  • Nut (Material/Width): Bone, 1.685” (42.8 mm)
  • Tuning Machines: Fender Standard Cast/Sealed Staggered
  • Scale Length: 25.5” (648 mm)
  • Bridge:
  • 3-Saddle, Strings-Through-Body Tele with Compensated Brass
  • Saddles, 6 screw mounting with removable modern ”Ashtray”
  • Bridge Cover
  • Pickguard: 1-Ply Black (750), 3-Ply Black (721, 738), 3-Ply Mint Green (703,
  • 705, 706), 3-Ply Parchment (700, 748, 785)
  • Pickups: V-Mod Single-Coil Telecaster (Bridge), V-Mod Single-Coil Telecaster
  • (Neck)
  • Pickup Switching: 3-Position Blade: Position 1. Bridge Pickup, Position 2. Bridge and
  • Neck Pickups, Position 3. Neck Pickup
  • Controls: Master Volume with Treble-Bleed, Master Tone
  • Control Knobs: Knurled Flat-Top
  • Hardware Finish: Nickel/Chrome
  • Strings: Fender® USA 250L, NPS (.009-.042 Gauges)
  • Case: Fender Official Hard Case

    Recent winners:

    Winner of Epiphone es 335 competition

    Stephen Moon with his Epiphone ES 335

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    How we calculate our entry fee and costs.

    We started this endeavour as a means to feed our passion for vintage and rare guitars.  Our aim us to source quality instruments and get them into the hands of people who can enjoy them. We spend a lot of time and effort searching for guitars and a lot of money on marketing. Marketing expenses are high because we want our competitions to sell out as fast as possible so a winner can be drawn quickly.

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Win this fender American tele deluxe

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15/08/2020 18:35Steve Hammer78
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15/08/2020 17:03Rhys Andrew Hickman11
15/08/2020 16:23David CrazyEight Hutchinson100
15/08/2020 16:23David CrazyEight Hutchinson97
15/08/2020 11:43Ruaridh Gibbons166
14/08/2020 21:14Rupes200561
14/08/2020 21:14Rupes200523
14/08/2020 21:14Rupes200574
14/08/2020 21:14Rupes200579
14/08/2020 21:14Rupes2005132
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14/08/2020 21:14Rupes2005180
14/08/2020 21:14Rupes2005185
14/08/2020 21:14Rupes2005254
14/08/2020 21:14Rupes20051
14/08/2020 14:20HarrisonJD282
14/08/2020 07:53Jmoon666201
13/08/2020 20:07Ben Osman85
13/08/2020 14:26captain ergot263
12/08/2020 23:51Paul Gleave144
12/08/2020 23:32Craig Petterson138
12/08/2020 21:32Brian Lambert273
12/08/2020 21:32Brian Lambert14
12/08/2020 20:55David Milgrom135
12/08/2020 17:12Les Brazier73
12/08/2020 12:49andyferguson@blueyonder.co.uk126
12/08/2020 12:49andyferguson@blueyonder.co.uk83
12/08/2020 07:44Dusty Miller192
12/08/2020 07:40Dazlbaz189
12/08/2020 00:15Ruaridh Gibbons170
12/08/2020 00:15Ruaridh Gibbons234
11/08/2020 22:56Tommo300
11/08/2020 21:02Phil Copeland290
11/08/2020 17:32Steve Hammer299
11/08/2020 17:32Steve Hammer98
11/08/2020 11:49kevin.l.parkes@gmail.com101
10/08/2020 15:57Greg Murray284
09/08/2020 23:13Jon Hulbert225
09/08/2020 20:23David Milgrom190
09/08/2020 20:23David Milgrom151
08/08/2020 15:27Dusty Miller262
07/08/2020 19:21Thomas Gough103
07/08/2020 19:21Thomas Gough164
07/08/2020 19:21Thomas Gough173
07/08/2020 19:21Thomas Gough187
06/08/2020 20:20gearjammer145
06/08/2020 14:20Mark Dickson293
05/08/2020 13:14Glen Bayfield295
05/08/2020 13:14Glen Bayfield108
05/08/2020 13:02Dcorrig3162
04/08/2020 22:46Chuck Monroe230
04/08/2020 22:13mr benjamin j weavers298
04/08/2020 22:13mr benjamin j weavers65
04/08/2020 15:33Sameer Khan265
04/08/2020 12:41Euan Holden174
04/08/2020 10:40Mandolinfolkmusic29
04/08/2020 08:05Tony Macinnes84
04/08/2020 08:05Tony Macinnes25
03/08/2020 20:19Tommo57
03/08/2020 08:15Matt Swanborough291
03/08/2020 00:34Stuart Phelan81
02/08/2020 21:08Mike Cunningham149
02/08/2020 21:08Mike Cunningham141
02/08/2020 19:24George Williams179
02/08/2020 19:24George Williams114
01/08/2020 23:38Phil Roberts154
01/08/2020 21:03Alex Bone152
01/08/2020 16:31maves160
01/08/2020 16:31maves229
01/08/2020 16:31maves266
31/07/2020 18:28John89
31/07/2020 14:48Chambers.wg30
31/07/2020 12:28Paul Cummings36
30/07/2020 18:24gregsatterley243
30/07/2020 18:24gregsatterley17
30/07/2020 15:52Shrekmyster18
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30/07/2020 15:46Shrekmyster259
29/07/2020 18:48Nigel Hooper52
27/07/2020 17:16Pat Kelman95
26/07/2020 21:23Nigel Hooper44
26/07/2020 17:02Steve Hammer124
26/07/2020 13:24Matthew Ransley244
26/07/2020 13:24Matthew Ransley106
24/07/2020 10:30Matt.H112
24/07/2020 05:22Andrew Whiteman39
24/07/2020 02:16Graydon Monk272
24/07/2020 02:16Graydon Monk150
24/07/2020 02:16Graydon Monk32
24/07/2020 02:16Graydon Monk72
22/07/2020 11:54Methley2120
22/07/2020 11:54Methley21122
21/07/2020 05:42Mark Taylor176
14/07/2020 16:33Vikki Haynes England21
13/07/2020 15:54Chuck Monroe297
13/07/2020 15:52Chuck Monroe68
07/07/2020 21:15Shrekmyster33
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06/07/2020 13:26Ruaridh Gibbons3
04/07/2020 16:28Gary Woodward99
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03/07/2020 15:28David Whybrow216
03/07/2020 00:54Kyechivers163
02/07/2020 23:54Paul Middleton237
02/07/2020 23:54Paul Middleton249
02/07/2020 22:10Shrekmyster56
01/07/2020 19:22Shrekmyster253
01/07/2020 19:22Shrekmyster77
30/06/2020 10:11Ellantos224
28/06/2020 18:19Paul Middleton168
28/06/2020 16:31Jamie Thompson165
28/06/2020 16:31Jamie Thompson53
28/06/2020 08:48Shrekmyster45
28/06/2020 00:23Shrekmyster48
27/06/2020 21:40Matt.H275
26/06/2020 20:01Tony Macinnes47
25/06/2020 23:03Ben Rowe217
25/06/2020 22:40maxieffect63
25/06/2020 20:29Chippy19375
24/06/2020 23:59Jon Hulbert200
24/06/2020 18:08James Wilson134
24/06/2020 16:23Shrekmyster41
24/06/2020 15:15RichXL219
22/06/2020 22:28Steve Plummer221
22/06/2020 22:11Heligaz274
22/06/2020 22:11Heligaz104
22/06/2020 17:21berniekelt@live.co.uk133
22/06/2020 10:18Matthew Young60
22/06/2020 00:07Joe.oxspring245
22/06/2020 00:07Joe.oxspring207
22/06/2020 00:07Joe.oxspring96
21/06/2020 00:53Michael Calvert92
19/06/2020 13:53George Gudgeon188
19/06/2020 13:53George Gudgeon62
18/06/2020 00:19Alys Morgan148
16/06/2020 10:32elagred169
15/06/2020 20:19Patch128
15/06/2020 16:39les sainty19
15/06/2020 14:31Cameron Cooper94
15/06/2020 13:56Luke Evason206
15/06/2020 10:21Matthew Young15
15/06/2020 08:22Ross Evans181
14/06/2020 21:44christo1000256
14/06/2020 21:44christo1000296
14/06/2020 17:42Marcus Cole191
14/06/2020 13:52maves232
14/06/2020 13:52maves183
14/06/2020 12:23Nathan Clements264
14/06/2020 12:01Grizzly235
14/06/2020 10:02Mitica Nicora156
14/06/2020 07:56Friedbanana7
14/06/2020 07:43Ed White233
13/06/2020 21:16Steve Plummer70
13/06/2020 14:29Rudi hopkins205
10/06/2020 22:49Katie McNamee294
10/06/2020 21:44SynysterSchecter199937
08/06/2020 10:55Terry McCarthy51
07/06/2020 22:07Jez Bush102
07/06/2020 18:57Jamie Lewis202
07/06/2020 17:03Harry Andrew261
07/06/2020 17:03Harry Andrew90
07/06/2020 12:39Howlingjohn209
06/06/2020 20:55Aaron Head67
06/06/2020 18:41Weston super Mart86
06/06/2020 10:47Doll Mc G194
05/06/2020 19:23Dominic Scoines203
05/06/2020 16:20paulmoonsan210
05/06/2020 11:54Rupert Harrison167
04/06/2020 13:07Schultzee177
04/06/2020 09:27Ozstrummer182
03/06/2020 17:31Emily Rose Smallwood27
03/06/2020 17:31Emily Rose Smallwood241
03/06/2020 15:53David Whybrow8
03/06/2020 15:53David Whybrow22
03/06/2020 15:53David Whybrow40
03/06/2020 15:53David Whybrow80
03/06/2020 15:53David Whybrow131
03/06/2020 15:53David Whybrow193
03/06/2020 15:53David Whybrow195
03/06/2020 15:53David Whybrow277
03/06/2020 15:53David Whybrow281
03/06/2020 15:53David Whybrow289
03/06/2020 14:36RichXL178
02/06/2020 00:41Matthew Hutchinson171
02/06/2020 00:41Matthew Hutchinson228
01/06/2020 15:39Nicola Cronin251
31/05/2020 08:42Stephen Briggs213
30/05/2020 19:25Kingy1984288
30/05/2020 19:25Kingy1984158
30/05/2020 14:48Anna Lauren Brown292
30/05/2020 05:08MICHAEL BROOME117
30/05/2020 01:46Blackmouse58
30/05/2020 01:46Blackmouse105
30/05/2020 01:46Blackmouse269
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07/05/2020 01:20Steve Hammer186
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05/05/2020 11:31Brississippi208
05/05/2020 11:31Brississippi113
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30/04/2020 22:22Robin Philpott227
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27/04/2020 06:54Steve Moon76
26/04/2020 14:48Blackmouse212
26/04/2020 13:57Lottery started

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  2. Paul Mc Ginley (verified owner)

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